Dispelling Non-surgical Aesthetic Myths

Aesthetic treatments are somewhat shrouded in mystery. Perhaps this is due to the discreet nature of the business. A successful aesthetic treatment look so natural that no one can tell you’ve have anything done. People around you will notice that you look years younger than your real age or have a smoother slimmer silhouette. Because of this, many misconceptions about aesthetic treatments have arisen. whether you are thinking of getting a treatment done for the first time, or whether you are interested in finding out about a new treatment, here are the top myths about aesthetic treatments which most people have hopefully by clearing them up you will have more confidence before you schedule a consultation.

Myth 1 Anti-ageing treatments

There is no point in doing aesthetic treatments. You have to keep repeating them and you will be addicted to them.

The truth is that most aesthetic treatments encourage the growth and production of collagen in the treated area. As we age, we lose the ability to produce collagen and wrinkles will form causing skin to sag. When the therapist treats the areas with farctional radio frequency, microcurrent or vacuum therapy, the treatment causes the area to produce more collagen which in turn delays the skins signs of ageing. For many treatments such as microcurrent and radio frequency, its extends the longevity of the course of treatments when topped up before the result wears off. Also, even if you decide not to carry on with the treatment at some point in time after a course of treatments the natural ageing process will never catch up to where it would have been if you had never undergone any aesthetic treatment. In other words you will experience long-lasting, better results if you undergo the treatment as recommended by the therapist or as soon as you notice signs of ageing. Chances are you’ll like the results so much because it makes you look so fabulous that you keep wanting to come back for more after the results wear off, having said that it is impossible to be clinically addicted non-invasive aesthetic treatments.

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